Are your fire safety documents fully compliant?

Are your fire safety documents fully compliant?

When it comes to fire safety compliance, one often overlooked area is documentation. With service providers increasingly utilising third-party software to document their visits, body corporates may no longer have instant access to physical service logs. This leads to potential issues, such as discrepancies, data loss and unresolved issues that can compromise both safety and compliance.

The Problem: Discrepancies and Data Loss

Discrepancies occur when service providers don’t log into their systems every day. This can result in mismatches between the date of a visit or inspection and the date the data is input into the system. In addition, tasks that should be recorded may be overlooked in online portals, leading to incomplete documentation.

While discrepancies are challenging, data loss is even more serious. When technicians leave a company and responsibility transfers to a different license number, there’s a risk of losing crucial documentation. Cases of insolvency or company acquisition may also result in lost access to vital records. Occasionally, even disputes with service providers can escalate to the point of your access to their system being revoked. All these examples leave body corporates without control over their essential fire safety documentation.

The Solution: A fire safety audit

As part of a fire safety audit, your documentation will be reviewed to identify anything that is missing. This gives you the opportunity to track it down and maintain full compliance.

If you don’t have one, we also recommend installing a document box on your property. Hard copies are the simplest way to protect your data and ensure that fire safety plans and system maintenance records are up to date. In the unfortunate event of a fire, readily accessible documentation detailing evacuation plans, emergency contacts and equipment locations can drastically reduce response time, safeguarding both occupants and property. This not only minimises confusion during critical moments but also aids in maintaining fire safety systems through regular inspections and maintenance.

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