Occupier Statement Explained

Understanding Why Occupier Statements Are Important for Body Corporates in Queensland

When it comes to managing properties in Queensland, one crucial thing to remember for fire safety is the annual occupier’s statement. This document might not seem like a big deal, but it’s really important. It keeps track of all the checks and assessments done on different fire safety systems in a building. In this article, we’ll talk about what the annual occupier’s statement is, why it’s needed, and why getting a third-party fire safety audit can be helpful.

What is the Annual Occupier’s Statement?

The annual occupier’s statement is a formal record that catalogues at all the fire safety systems in a property. This includes things like air systems, emergency lifts, fire doors, lighting, alarms, and lots more. It’s like a big checklist to make sure everything is working as it should.

Why is the Annual Occupier’s Statement Important?

For body corporates in charge of shared properties, it’s a way to ensure all the fire safety systems in the building meet the strict standards set by Queensland’s regulatory authorities. This statement isn’t just about paperwork – it’s about actively making sure shared spaces are safe for everyone. By checking and spotting potential issues or shortcomings, you can fix problems faster, making the property safer from fire risks.

What are the consequences of non-compliance?

Not following fire safety rules and regulations can lead to severe consequences for both occupants and building owners. You could get fined, taken to court, or worst of all, someone could get hurt. Insurance claims may also be compromised if an investigation finds you were non-compliant, which leaves both occupants and building owners vulnerable to financial losses.

How can the Occupier Statement offset my liability?

The annual occupier’s statement adds a layer of legal assurance for body corporates. In the aftermath of an incident or during routine inspections, the statements play a crucial role in proving that the correct fire safety precautions have been taken. These detailed records of compliance checks on critical fire safety systems create a tangible trail of due diligence for body corporates. This not only fulfills legal obligations but also safeguards against potential liabilities in the event of an incident.

Why do I need a third-party fire safety audit?

Sometimes, just having a contractor say they’ve done the work isn’t enough to be sure everything’s okay. They might only focus on certain things, like extinguishers, sprinklers or alarms. That’s where a third-party fire safety audit comes in. Trained professionals check everything related to fire safety to make sure it’s up to scratch. This helps you sign the Occupier Statement knowing you’ve covered all bases.

To learn more, visit: qfes.qld.gov.au/planning-and-compliance/building-owners-and-occupiers


Independent review by fire industry experts to confirm your commitment to fire safety compliance.

Fire Matters will conduct a comprehensive maintenance audit to ensure the obligation of the owner / occupier have been met and the occupier statement can be issued.

Services Include

This includes, but not limited to, review maintenance records  of prescribed fire safety installations

  • Review any rectifications / repair works
  • Check QBCC Licenses requirements are complied with legislated requirements
  • Annual Compliance Report

 A copy of the Occupier Statement is required to be submitted to Qld Fire and Emergency Services.